The Value in Speaking to a Few, Not All

    The Challenge
    "Patient education materials contain many assumptions about the people who read them. Agencies craft them to speak to as broad an audience as possible, usually writing them in plain English and using multi-cultural photography. But what about the people who these materials don’t speak to? Often they are the ones who need to hear the message the most." – The Value in Speaking to A Few, Not All

    The Goal
    Bridgeable is passionate about raising awareness of the benefits of a service design approach and continuously aims to share their learnings with the greater community. They believe the learnings from the Type 2 Diabetes Patient Handout project can greatly benefit healthcare organizations, other designers, and those who seek to better understand the value of service design. To do so, they sought to create a Medium blog post that summarizes the learnings in a visually-engaging and easy-to-understand way for the target audience.

    The Solution
    The blog post presents a realistic scenario as an introduction and argument for the importance of the key learnings that are framed as 4 principles for focusing your organization’s message to engage your target audience. Each principle is visually demonstrated by a colourful illustration and further supported by select examples from the diabetes project.

    My Contributions
    Art direction  /  Visual development  /  Content-development

    Client & Collaborator

    Medium blog post

    The Value in Speaking to A Few, Not All blog post

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    Make material relevant to increase engagement

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    Make sure information is easily understood

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    Don’t just give instructions — explain the why

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    Meet patients where they are by addressing misconceptions