Type 2 Diabetes Patient Handouts

    The Challenge
    The diabetes clinic at the Montefiore Health Centre in the Bronx faces high re-admission rates with their adult patients living with type 2 diabetes. The demographics the clinic serves within their community often present many barriers to effective self-management, such as little or no English literacy, low income, low health literacy, or cultures that have non-diabetic friendly diets.

    The Goal
    Montefiore Health Centre aims to reduce the re-admission rates by helping adults living with type 2 diabetes better understand their diabetes so that they understand the importance of their own roles in their diabetes management. With the help of Bridgeable, Montefiore Health Centre sought to create a tool to facilitate education-focused discussions between the healthcare team, patients, and their caregivers during appointments.

    The Solution
    The type 2 diabetes patient handout uses the patient-voice to divide the basics of type 2 diabetes into 12 key topics such as what happens in type 2 diabetes, how much blood sugar is too much, how to prepare an insulin pen, and why the healthcare team cannot just manage diabetes for the patient. It uses a simple and relatable analogy to explain the complex medical concepts behind diabetes using supporting illustrations at each step. The handout goes beyond giving simple advice to providing the rationale behind the advice to help patients understand the need and importance of the advice. The design of the handout takes into consideration the health literacy and literacy of the audience, relatability of analogies, stories, characters, and imagery, and printability of the handouts using clinic printers.

    My Contributions
    Art direction  /  Storyboards  /  Visual development  /  Content-development  /  PowerPoint design

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