SCHEN (Shelley Chen)

  • I am an illustrator and communication designer living in Toronto, Canada.

    Growing up, I've always loved both art and science. This led me to a bachelors degree in life science and a masters degree in Biomedical Communications from the University of Toronto, and then a job as a medical illustrator for many years. Since then, I've illustrated for a variety of things: magazines, blogs, games, academic publications, patient education materials, and special occasion gifts.

    In addition to illustration, my tenure as a communication designer in a service design consultancy fueled my passion for problem-solving, particularly in using illustration and graphic design to help communicate complex concepts in ways that most resonates with the needs of the audience. My experience includes prototyping educational communication materials, designing reports and worksheets, to crafting engaging and interactive workshop/training experiences and all its corresponding materials.

    Occasionally you may catch me drawing short comics under various pseudonyms.


In alphabetical order

Applibot  /  Benchworks  /  Bridgeable  /  CareDx  /  Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto  /  DiD Agency  /  Digizyme  /  Genentech  /  Houghton Mifflin Harcourt  /  LifeLearn  /  McMaster University  /  Mount Sinai Hospital, New York  /  Newsquest Specialist Media  /  Plastpro  /  Princess Margaret Cancer Centre  /  Redactive Media  /  Scholastic  /  SEIU Healthcare  /  Sounds True Publishing  /  Spongelab Interactive  /  Studio Voltz  /  The Hospital for Sick Children  /  Tridel  /  WEFRA Classic  /  Women's College Hospital