Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

    The Challenge
    Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, or SIDS, is the unexplained death of a baby less than a year of age while they are asleep. The Inuit of Nunavut currently experience some of the highest rates of newborn and infant death in Canada, but educational material designed to speak to this population is limited. In addition, as access to personal computers and internet is not as ubiquitous in Nunavut as it is in other major cities in Canada, online-only educational materials may not reach this population.

    The Goal
    While the exact cause of SIDS is not yet understood, experts believe there are steps that can be taken to help reduce the risk of SIDS. As part of InuitHealthMatters, an AboutKidsHealth initiative to improve the health and well-being of expecting and new Inuit families, AboutKidsHealth sought to create a SIDS educational material that clearly outlines the steps to reduce risk in a culturally-relatable way.

    The Solution
    The SIDS educational material uses culturally-relatable visuals to demonstrate 5 ways to reduce the risk of SIDS and 4 alternative safe sleeping surfaces. It is available as a webpage and as a print-friendly PDF that can be easily printed in colour or in black-and-white using workstations at public internet access points that this population frequents. The visual design takes into consideration their story-telling tradition, multi-generational family structure, commonly available household items, and common housing types in Nunavut. The information is available in both English and Inuktitut.

    My Contributions
    Art direction  /  Visual development  /  Web design  /  Articulate Storyline development

    The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids)


    Web graphics, Articulate Storyline module, and PDF

    Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Webpage

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