Nutrition Resource Center

    The Challenge
    Food plays a vital role in our lives, and yet many of us lack the knowledge about nutrition to make informed decisions about what we feed ourselves and our families.

    The Goal
    AboutKidsHealth aims to support parents in providing the best nutrition for their children through educational content on their website. To encourage parents to spend more time on the content and use the content as an ongoing reference, the nutrition content needed to be eye-catching, easy to read and understand, and accessible in both web and print formats.

    The Solution
    The Nutrition Resource Center houses a large body of nutritional topics including: the four food groups, important vitamins and minerals, how to read food product labels, food safety, and our digestive anatomy. The resource center uses colours to differentiate food groups and information, food illustrations and photography to visualize important information, and interactive features to make learning about the information a more engaging experience. Contents are optimized for their respective web and print formats.

    My Contributions
    Art direction  /  Visual development  /  Content-development  /  Adobe Flash development

    The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids)


    Web graphics, interactive modules, and PDFs

    Nutrition Resource Center

  • Food Groups handout

    Vegetables & Fruits and Milk & Alternatives handout

  • Food Groups handout

    Grain Products and Meat & Alternatives handout

  • Micronutrients handout

    Vitamins & Minerals handout

  • Food product interactive label

    Food Product Label interactive module

  • Serving sizes graphic

    Serving Sizes graphic